Items mentioned throughout the channel can be found here. We do the work so that you don't have to in regards to testing these products out. Great price and value is what we try to achieve.

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Items that will keep your vehicle moving should you need these items. Worth there weight in gold should you need them.

 Item  Description Picture / Link
 1 Battery Tender Plus 12V, 1.25 Amp. Great for any 12 volt battery. Cars or Motorcycles.

Price listed $49.95 as of 01/04/2021

Battery Tender Plus Charger and Maintainer: 12V, 1.25 Amp Powersport Battery Charger and Maintainer for Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and More - Smart 12 Volt Automatic Float Chargers by Deltran - 021-0128 by Deltran
2 Portable jump starter.

Price listed $59.49 as of 01/23/2021

TACKLIFE T8 800A Peak 18000mAh Lithium Car Jump Starter for Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine, 12V Auto Battery Booster with LCD Screen, Portable Power Bank with USB Quick Charge
3 Small 12 volt Tire Compressor. (This will get you out of a fix if needed but a heavy vehicle, you may want to jack the wheel off the ground to speed up the time for inflation.)

Price listed $21.24 as of 01/04/2021

Q Industries HV18 Small Tire Air Compressor



If the cell phone service were to go down then the only communication would be through radio. The two radio's below are legal to use as scanners and Item 1 can be used for GMRS - $70 license from the FCC website, no test. If you have a HAM license then the radios are okay to use. The following link will give you an option to pull up your State  -

Item Description Picture / Link
1 Both the BTECH and the BaoFeng radios are great radios however the The GMRS-V1 is FCC certified (Part 95A) for use on GMRS frequencies. The GMRS-V1 is also FCC certified for VHF/UHF scanning capabilities (Part 15B). You do need an FCC GRMS license to transmit which at the time of writing this is $70 for 10 years.

Price listed $54.99 as of 01/23/2021

BTECH GMRS-V1 GMRS Two-Way Radio, GMRS Repeater Capable, with Dual Band Scanning Receiver (136-174.99mhz (VHF) 400-520.99mhz (UHF))

2 This radio is very similar to the above radio except is does not comply with FCC certification for FRS and GMRS. A HAM license would be required to transmit but it is great for scanning local Police, Medical and Fire. This radio is sold rated up to 8 watts.

Compatible with items 3 and 4

Price listed $62.89 as of 01/23/2021

BaoFeng BF-F8HP 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio (136-174MHz VHF & 400-520MHz UHF)

3 Extended battery life with this larger battery for the BaoFeng radio

Compatible with item 2

Price listed $16.89 as of 01/23/2021

Extended High Capacity Battery (Model: BL-5L, 3800 mAh, Black)

4 Shoulder Speaker and Mic

Compatible with items 1 and 2

Price listed $22.89 as of 01/23/2021

BTECH QHM22 Platinum Series IP54 Rainproof Shoulder Speaker Mic for BaoFeng, BTECH, Kenwood Radios

5 Radio Programming cable. Upload channels to your radio from your PC to your radio or vice-versa. Using CHIRP software that can be downloaded for free allows you to upload 128 channels to your radio.

Compatible with items 1 and 2

Price listed $20.46 as of 01/23/2021

BTECH PC03 FTDI Genuine USB Programming Cable for BTECH, BaoFeng, Kenwood, and AnyTone Radio


Cooking Prep

Keeping a good supply of food and have the ability to easily boil and purify water will keep you, your family and pets alive.

Item Description Picture / Link
1 Preservation of food is essential. Canning can keep a good supply of food when needed. (Various sizes)

Price listed $349.63 as of 01/04/2021 (21.5 qt)
All American 921 Canner Pressure Cooker, 21.5 qt, Silver
2 Small portable light weight wood burning cooker. Folds flat.

Price listed $79.99 as of 01/23/2021 (Titanium - light weight)

Price listed $44.99 as of 01/23/2021 (Stainless Steel option)

Emberlit Titanium UL Compact Design Perfect for Survival, Camping, Hunting & Emergency Preparation


If Weight is not an option then there is a Stainless Steel option.

Stainless Steel option


First Aid

Item Description Picture / Link
1 Blood Clotting Sponge - Read instructions carefully. I have a selection of these items in my first aid kit. Fortunately, I have never had to use them. Always take these items with me to the range.

Price listed $19.99 as of 01/04/2021

QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze - 3 x 24 in (2 Strips)

2 Pulse Oximeter and Heart rate check.

Price listed $29.99 as of 01/04/2021

Zacurate Pro Series 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Silicon Cover, Batteries and Lanyard (Royal Black) by CMS

General Prepping Items

Item Description Picture Link
1 Flashlight ThruNite TN12. Five settings and STROBE. (No battery included so you may want to order a rechargeable battery at the same time, takes one 18650 battery)

Price listed $39.95 as of 01/23/2021

ThruNite TN12 V4 1100 Lumens Handheld Flashlight, CREE XP-L V6 EDC LED Flashlight, Indoor/Outdoor (Camping, Hiking, Security and Emergency Use) - Cool White (CW)

2 Full Tang solid knife. Schrade SCHF9 with shealth. (It's a little heavy at over 15oz but great knife for the price)

Price listed $70.99 as of 01/23/2021

Schrade SCHF9 12.1in 1095 High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife with 6.4in Point Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor Survival, Camping and Bushcraft

3 Portable small solar charger. 

Price listed $37.99 as of 01/05/2021

Solar Charger 25000mAh, Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Solar Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels, 18W PD USB C Fast Charge External Battery Pack, 3 USB Ports for Smartphones, Tablets, etc

4 Potassium Iodide Tablets.

Price listed $11.99 as of 01/05/2021

IOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets - 14 130mg tablets


Health & Wellness - Lyme Disease

Item Description Picture / Link
 1 300,000 people per year in the USA contract Lyme disease or a coinfection. Be prepared and vigilant. Do not spend years fighting this and struggling mentally and financially. Know what to do on day one to help limit your chances it developing.

This is a difficult book to read but has a lot of answers to help.

Amazon - Healing Lyme: Natural Healing of Lyme Borreliosis and the Coinfections Chlamydia and Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis, 2nd Edition Paperback – December 7, 2015

Alternative supplier - Thriftbooks

2 Japanese Knotweed Tincture - 1 fluid oz.

Price listed $12.50 as of 01/23/2021

Japanese Knotweed Natural Extract Tincture (Polygonum Cuspidatum)

3 Cat's Claw Tincture - 4 fluid oz.

Price listed $14.00 1oz and $45.0.0 4oz as of 01/23/2021

Herb Pharm Cat's Claw (UNA de Gato) Liquid Extract for Immune System Support - 1 or 4 Ounce


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